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CAMILLA | Determination

Drop 4 from The Moral of the Story, Act II has landed.
Published 11 May
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From every end, a new beginning. An endless cycle of creation and completion brings youever-closer to your true nature. Claim your wild soul and fearlessly walk your own path. Confident in your power, fierce in your determination.


Model wears Sing My Song in Long Button Front Coat, RRP $1,999.00. Paired with Sing My Song in Drop Sleeve Swing Blouse, RRP $549.00 and Sing My Song in Wide Leg Utility Pants, RRP $699.00

'Untamed Royalty' embodies a lavishcurtain of wild animal patterns elegantly embellished with gold chains. The 'Sing My Song' explores lush jungle green hues of unfurling foliage. Vibrant flora and sleek feline fauna guard fine strands of sparkling amulets, precious emerald jewels, and winding vines of golden springs.


Model wears Sing My Song in Collared Long Sleeve Shirt, RRP $529.00. Paired with Sing My Song in Elastic Waist Boardshort, RRP $229.00

Immerse yourself in DROP 4from the latest collection in store now.

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