'I am my Mother's Teacher'

Artist: Cheryl Moggs OAM
Published 29 June

QIC Naidoc_Webtile 800 x 800

This artwork created by artist Cheryl Moggs OAM, a proud Bigambul woman from Turtlebend - is designed to represent Castle Towers' connection to Place, Country, Culture, People & Story. This artwork inspires us here at Castle Towers as we walk and work alongside First Nations peoples. We are hoping that by sharing it’s meaning we will also inspire our community to join the journey towards reconciliation.

 Story description 'I am my mothers teacher'

The main circle identifies place and Country where we come together to celebrate, pay our respects, pass on knowledge, listen and learn, and care for others in spirit, mind and body. A commitment built on inclusivity, reconciliation, and partnerships that we at Castle Towers aim to foster and provide for all who visit us.

Story description 'I am my mothers teacher'

The three small circles within two larger ones represent communities and homelands. Communities are formed in other places that may not be our traditional lands or Country. Homelands give reference to a place on our Country. Whilst this design was created on another place, Cheryl has continued to connect and represent her homeland using the marking depicting tracks and waterholes in the main circle.

Story description 'I am my mothers teacher'

The oval shapes around the outside or the artwork are called Coolamons. Gifted from Country by our trees, made by our men, then gifted back to our women. These are considered a mark left by ancestors that still remains on Country, to remind us of cultural practices and Lore. A container of knowledge, respect, teachings, and nurturing. Carrying babies, food, water and other such precious items.

The containers depicted within this artwork represent the abundance of respect and knowledge we share as as we come together in this commitment to each other.

Within the Coolamon sits two shapes. The U shape represents us all sitting together. And within this sit three dots representing Cheryl’s ancestors, Cheryl’s mother, and the last dot is herself in a representation of the passing down to others to carry on practices, Lore and connection.

The colours are a representation of Country, Nature, Mother Earth, for this is the place where we are truly at peace, with ourselves as one with others.


About the Artist:

Aboriginal Artist Cheryl Moggs OAM

Cheryl Moggs OAM a proud Bigambul woman from Turtlebend. Cheryl has been recognised for both her artwork and her contributions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. In 2020 she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her 25 years of outstanding service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

In 2019 Cheryl was a finalist for the Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence for outstanding service to regional communities in the Local and Regional category.

In 2018 she was selected as the winner of “Because of Her We Can!” National NAIDOC Poster Art Award, dedicated to showcasing and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. In celebrating the NAIDOC theme for 2018 Cheryl was selected by Google to create a Google Homepage Doodle to pay respects to the achievements of Mum Shirl, (also known as ‘Coleen Shirley Perry Smith’ AM MBE), a prominent Wiradjuri woman, social worker, humanitarian and activist committed to justice and welfare of Aboriginal Australians.

‘I am my mother’s teacher’ is the third artwork commissioned by QIC from Cheryl (Owner and Operator of Castle Towers). Previous artworks include ‘One Journey’ (2018) and ‘Future Pathways’ (2020).