5 Top Fashion Trends for Winter 2024
Autumn Winter Fashion

5 Top Fashion Trends for Winter 2024

Monica Morales is a creative stylist, who's celebrated for her daring approach to colour and pattern. With 15 years of experience in the fashion realm, Monica is renowned for blending the top trends with everyday fashion. For our Autumn / Winter 2024 campaign, Mon has given up her top tips on how to add a ‘Pop of unexpected’ to our wardrobes.
Published 04 April

Cyan Blue

Blue is always in but this winter it's Cyan or Turquoise blue that is the key shade that will be the most popular. Reminiscent of deep pool blue, I saw this calming shade really come through all the 2023/24 runway shows from brands like Stella Mccartney, Nina Ricci, Gucci and this shade is perfect for those usually colour adverse. It's bright enough to warrant a double take, yet subtle enough to be worked into daily wear. Also working in its favour is that it's the type of versatile colour that can be easily paired with other shades (neutrals, oranges, yellows, pinks) and it also compliments most skin tones, so will suit us even when we delve into our less sunkissed winter months.

cyan blue


Denim - The Fabric of the Season

Since it was popularised in the mid 1950’s, jeans will never not be a staple in all our wardrobes. However, this winter with the resurgence of the iconic denim brand Diesel, (which in the last year or so has become one of the most viral and in-demand brands), denim as a fabric is branching out into so much more than just jeans, shorts and miniskirts. We are seeing denim in every silhouette, like Maxi skirts and Maxi dresses, long denim trench coats, denim boots and heels, denim corsets and dressy tops. And while the classic jean is always in, be ready to see various coloured acid washes, metallic foiling, ombre denim and baggy more boyish low-rise proportions. I'm also seeing a lot of denim worn together, but not like in an iconic Justin Timberlake x Britney Spears 2001 MTV awards, think a bit more Victoria Beckham quite luxury vibe.



Butter Yellows

I love butter! I love the indulgence of a thick layer of it on my morning toast, so it's only natural that I find it so delicious to see it trending in clothing, especially this winter. Dubbing as the new cream because while it is a yellow, it's still neutral enough to shape shift with the rest of your wardrobe. I saw this colour sprinkled through a lot of the winter runway shows, in-particular a butter yellow exaggerated coat I saw Gigi Haddid wear in the latest Jaquemus winter 24/25 show. It's just a colour that looks deeply luxurious and chic, while also soft and beautiful.

butter yellow


The Miu Miu Effect - Schoolgirl Chic

The Miu Miu micro-mini skirt was the most viral fashion moment of 2023 and it pushed the whole “school girl chic" aesthetic into the limelight. The look is all about making uniform dressing more fashionable, focusing on mini skirts, cropped button shirts and jackets, high socks and peeking out boxers, ties, sparkly ballet flats and loafers. The palette of this look is quite subtle too, lots of whites, greys, camels and beige, with maybe a hint of business shirt blue and red here and there. Though it was the mini skirt that was the primary piece driving this aesthetic, the trend is actually all about layering shapes, silhouettes and textures, so it's not just youth focused, it can actually be for everyone.

The Miu Miu Effect - Schoolgirl Chic


Mix Fancy with Comfortable 

This is a trend that truly speaks to me, as it makes use of all the pieces in your wardrobe. It makes you look at the pieces in your wardrobe which you are saving for a “special occasion” that feel a bit fancy and never end up getting worn as the right occasion never comes. Referencing brands like Off White, Pharell’s Louis Vuitton & Y project, this trend is about breaking the fashion rules and creating a look that's uniquely you. Making sweats chic with heels, boots and blazers, dad sneakers with a dressy slip dress and bellowy trench, statement dressy jewelry and accessories with denim, it's all about putting unexpected textures or aesthetics together. The one thing to note however is to make sure that you are investing in pieces that fit you well and get the proportions right when building a look like this.

Fancy & Comfy



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