Apple doughnuts

Nutritious hunger-busting afternoon snacks

We all know the situation—the kids finish school, head home and before you’ve had time to help unpack the school bags, they’re asking for a snack.
Published 09 January

When you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, food manufacturers rely on the ever-present marketing of their ‘convenient’ snack food ranges to get them into the trolley. Unfortunately, many of these ultra-processed options are low in nutrients and high in kilojoules, added salt, sugar and saturated fat which aren’t great for children’s development or long-term health. If you are trying to reduce the number of packaged foods in your cupboard, we’ve got you covered with a bunch of quick and nutritious snack ideas that are sure to satisfy grumbling bellies. Keep on reading to discover hunger-busting snacks that are not only easy to prepare, but super tasty too!


Mini rice crackers topped with avocado and tomato

Sometimes another sandwich just won’t impress the kids—and we get it! These mini rice crackers with healthy toppings of avocado and tomato are just what they need. Adding some grainy variety with crunchy delicious rice crackers is sure to please even the fussiest little eaters. Avocados and tomatoes are packed full of nutrients including healthy fats and fibre, meaning your kids will get a delicious snack that will fill their hungry bellies for longer.



Date and coconut balls

These quick and tasty treats are the ultimate sweet snack. Not only will these be a crowd pleaser with the kids, but they’re a great way to add some extra fibre to your snacks. Simply take pitted dates and soak them in water, then give them a blast in a food processor. Once they look like a sticky dough-like mixture, simply roll them into balls and let them set in the fridge before dusting in desiccated coconut. You can also blend in some nuts or seeds to add some protein and healthy fats to keep the kids fuller for longer—give it a go and get creative!



Wafer bread topped with peanut butter and banana 

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? These peanut butter and banana wafer breads are all you need and more. They’re a filling, nutritious snack that will keep the hungries at bay. Your little ones will love taking the old boring peanut butter on toast to a whole new level. Little one allergic to peanuts? Try swapping the peanut butter for a seed option like tahini or perhaps ricotta with a little cinnamon for something different.



Apple ‘doughnuts’

When an apple becomes a ‘doughnut’, it becomes a whole lot more delicious! Simply cut an apple into rings and use a cookie cutter or a knife to cut a circular hole through the centre, creating a doughnut. Top with a nut butter such as peanut butter or almond butter, then garnish with seasonal berries. Try tahini or ricotta if your little one has a nut allergy.

These doughnut-style apple rings are perfect for making with the kids. The kids can decorate them with their favourite toppings—it’s a perfect way to get creative! There’s no cooking time required, meaning they can eat them straight away. And the best bit? They taste great!

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Published on 09 January, 2023
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