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Back to School checklist
With the holiday season done and dusted, it’s time to start thinking about the new year ahead. Term 1 is right around the corner, which means there’s no better time to start prepping the kids for school. Whether they’re returning for another year or starting a new adventure, we’re here to save your sanity with the ultimate back-to-school checklist for students of all ages. Ready to get organised? Let’s get started!
Published 09 January

School wear

There’s nothing tougher on school wear than kids. After all, they do spend close to 1,200 hours in their uniform every year, so investing in high-quality polos, shorts and dresses is a must. Here in the centre, you’ll find all your school uniform needs at Lowes and Target, which are made to last all year long.


School shoes

When it comes to buying school shoes and trainers, there are so many things to consider. Will they stand the test of the schoolyard? Do they align with the uniform policy? Most importantly, are they comfortable? To find the ideal shoes for your little one, we suggest heading to Shoes and Sox. The team specialise in back-to-school fittings for school shoes and trainers, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit—yes, please!



Your child will need a functional backpack—after all, they need to carry their lunchbox, schoolbooks, and stationery to and from school. This year, we are loving the fabulous range of backpacks in-store at Kmart and Target, suitable for primary and high school students. You could also get it embroidered with their name, thanks to the team at Castle Hill Tailor.


Tech must-haves

If your school has a bring your own device policy, it’s time to get tech shopping. With laptops and tablets, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll need to consider storage space, battery life, size, and weight, just to name a few. We know this may seem a little intimidating, but fortunately for you, the experts at JB HIFI are happy to help find the right device suitable for your child’s learning.



If you too have forgotten what the insides of a pencil case looks like, you can discover some fantastic stationery sets from Smiggle, or head to Nextra Newsagency to pick up the classics like pencils, rulers, notebooks, and pens.


Lunchtime needs

Whether they are in primary or high school, a well-rounded lunchbox is essential for growing brains. When searching for the perfect lunchbox, we suggest not only considering size, but also whether it is BPA-free and easy to wash. Lunchboxes with compartments are a great way to store snacks without the hassle of losing your good containers. With so many styles available at Kmart, there’s sure to be something to suit.


Insulated lunch bags are also a great way to keep food fresh during the summer heat. Throughout the day school bags can end up in the sun for hours, so why not pop their lunch into an insulated bag with an ice brick from King of Knives? You will keep their food fresh and delicious all day long.


Plus, don’t forget about a drink bottle. It’s hard to stay hydrated after running around all lunchtime, so by investing in a quality drink bottle, your little one is bound to keep up their daily water intake. You can find stylish, leak-proof drink bottles available at Typo


Sun smart essentials

Last, but by no means least, is sun smart essentials. Children are exposed to some of the strongest UV penetration during school hours, so getting prepared with sun-smart products can help to protect their skin. For applications throughout the day, be sure to check out Chemist Warehouse's range of school-bag-friendly sunscreens. We all know that sunscreen isn’t enough when you’re out in the blazing sun at lunchtime, so investing in a suitable school hat is a must. Even if they don’t have a set hat as part of their uniform, we recommend purchasing a broad-brimmed hat from Surf, Dive n' Ski for those extended periods outside.

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